Re: gnome menus

On Sun, 2004-29-08 at 07:50 -0400, Geoffrey wrote:

> You are 'clearly' mistaken, I will tell you, there are no politics 
> involved.  I personally do not like kde at all, appears to much like 
> windows to me and takes forever to startup.  I use gnome on both my 
> laptop and desktop boxes. I'm specifically focusing on the menu 
> transistions, and on both of these boxes, kde is faster then gnome.
> I did note that I use a combination of Enlightenment with Gnome and was 
> wondering whether that might be part of the problem.  I've never tried 
> running kde on top of Enlightenment as I've never had an interest in 
> putting the time/effort into it.
> I just tried it again and I still see that with the menu transistion, 
> kde is faster.

What about my point that lag is there for a reason, not because GTK+
can't draw fast enough? Using menu displays as a benchmark is


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