Re: gnome menus

On Fri, 2004-27-08 at 07:09 -0400, Geoffrey wrote:
> I've been using gnome for quite a while.  I run it on top of 
> enlightenment wm.  It seems to me that the gnome menus are quite slow. 
> I'm referring to the menus from the main panel.  The only comparisons I 
> have would be kde and windows, both of which are much faster.  I'm not 
> talking seconds here, but it's quite visible.  Generally when the mouse 
> is on a selection that contains another menu.  When you move to a 
> different selection, it takes quite a while for that menu to go away and 
> the other to appear.  Does anyone else see this?  I don't discount the 
> possibility my problem is wm related.

I think I see it, but that might be intentional, to give some allowance
for those without good motor skills. Tweaking timing like that is a bit
of a black art.

Other people have complained about slowness in the past, but no one has
ever come up with solid numbers showing that GTK+ is actually
inefficient. Mostly it seems a matter of perception, but you're welcome
to prove me wrong.

One person recounted a story where people thought his app was slow
because the UI blocked on a small operation. When he moved it to a
separate thread people thought it ran faster. When he added a progress
bar, it was faster yet. When he made the progess bar run to 100%
multiple times, people exclaimed "look at that thing fly"!

I like the story. ;)


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