Re: gnome menus

> talking seconds here, but it's quite visible.  Generally when the mouse
> is on a selection that contains another menu.  When you move to a
> different selection, it takes quite a while for that menu to go away and
>  the other to appear.  Does anyone else see this?  I don't discount the
> possibility my problem is wm related.

  I don't think that discussing 'hidden politics' behind such questions
would help solve anyone's problem.  I've been using Gnome for quite a
while and, frankly, have always preferred it over KDE both in
performance and visual aspects.  But that is just my opinion, and I wish
Gnome had as wide software base as KDE does.
  To address the menu issue: do menus take long to open only when
displayed for the first time, or is there some problem with caching? 
Which distribution/Gnome version are you using?  Maybe it's just me, but
when I've switched to hand-compiled Gnome 2.6, everything started
working like clockwork. :)

Zoran Rilak
leisure GNU programmer

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