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cweinberg freenet de wrote:
On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 09:43:12PM +0900, Ryan McDougall wrote:

On Fri, 2004-27-08 at 07:09 -0400, Geoffrey wrote:

I'm referring to the menus from the main panel. The only comparisons I have would be kde and windows, both of which are much faster. I'm not

inefficient. Mostly it seems a matter of perception, but you're welcome
to prove me wrong.

Okay Windows is faster than gnome is, however to include kde in such
an comparision is clearly political motivated. kde is much slower than gnome is. However the gnome menu issue sound suspect to me. Performance
considerations cannot stop with menus.

You are 'clearly' mistaken, I will tell you, there are no politics involved. I personally do not like kde at all, appears to much like windows to me and takes forever to startup. I use gnome on both my laptop and desktop boxes. I'm specifically focusing on the menu transistions, and on both of these boxes, kde is faster then gnome.

I did note that I use a combination of Enlightenment with Gnome and was wondering whether that might be part of the problem. I've never tried running kde on top of Enlightenment as I've never had an interest in putting the time/effort into it.

I just tried it again and I still see that with the menu transistion, kde is faster.

Until later, Geoffrey       Registered Linux User #108567
                            AT&T Certified UNIX System Programmer - 1995

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