Re: 2 Problems

Ben FrantzDale wrote:

I'm using Gnome with Redhat 7.2 on a Dell PC having P-III. There are two things about my Gnome that are disturbing me--

What version of Gnome are you using?

version 1.4

1) i can't use mouse to paste text. i do select and copy text using mouse. but to paste it have to use `shift-insert' key combination.

That's not right. Is this only within gnome programs, or even for things
like xterm or mozilla?

it's true for xterm and mozilla. Gnome being my graphical desktop environment, I assumed that it is responsible for these issues.

2) when i maximize a window, it doesn't automatically get the focus. i have to explicitly click on the window to bring it in focus. this is *very* counter-intuitive.

That doesn't make sense either. What window manager are you using?

my window manager is Sawfish. i solved this problem by running config tool for Sawfish. thank you for providing the clue.

as a naive user (who does not know much about the architecture of a graphical desktop environment), i was looking for an one-stop solution shop for all graphical desktop related problems. that motivated me to send the mail to this list. i also emphasize that a user of Gnome, who is not a GUI programmer, shud not worry much about the nuts and bolts of the system, which are not immediately visible to him/her. i mean, that is the only way to popularize a graphical desktop environment.

if these are bugs, then are any fixes available? or, some new version of Gnome known not to have these problems? better still, is it possible to get around the problems by changing some configuration?


Soubhik Bhattacharya
Associate Member Technical Staff
Mentor Graphics
Hyderabad, India.

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