Re: RH7.3 -> RH8.0 -> Gnome 2.2

Actually I want the paw insted the red hat for the start button and also the paw while Gnome is loading up.
I haave tryed to install applets for Gnome2 and they did not recognize my install as a Gnome2. Others that I have installed are not available in the menu to start them.
I could not find jhbuild but I looked at garnome, but I would rather finish installing the way I started, since I hae already installed 13 packages. I reposted below the error message that I get, can you guide me?

Thank you

> checking for GLIB - version >= 2.0.0...
> *** 'pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0' returned 2.2.1, but GLIB (2.0.6)
> *** was found! If pkg-config was correct, then it is best
> *** to remove the old version of GLib. You may also be able to fix the error
> *** by modifying your LD_LIBRARY_PATH enviroment variable, or by editing
> *** /etc/ Make sure you have run ldconfig if that is
> *** required on your system.
> *** If pkg-config was wrong, set the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH
> *** to point to the correct configuration files
> no
> configure: error:
> *** GLIB 2.0.0 or better is required. The latest version of
> *** GLIB is always available from
> **************
> /usr/kerberos/lib
> /usr/X11R6/lib
> /usr/lib/qt2/lib
> /usr/lib/qt-1.45/lib
> /usr/lib/wine
> /usr/lib/mysql
> /usr/lib/qt-3.0.5/lib
> /Usr/lib/sane

Havoc Pennington wrote:
On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 02:15:43PM -0500, Dragos Dobrescu wrote:
After upgrading from RH 7.3 to 8.0, evey thing was fine. However, RH has 
managed to modify all the graphics and take most of the applets out (in 
particular the one that shows free space on all filesystems).

Geez, we get blamed for everything. We didn't take any applets out.
The graphics changes are a theme, just change themes. Changing themes
is easier in our upcoming release since GNOME 2.2 has better support
for it, but it's possible in 8.0 also.

Can someone guide me one what to do?

The easiest thing is to use jhbuild or garnome.



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