Re: RH7.3 -> RH8.0 -> Gnome 2.2

Dragos Dobrescu wrote:

Actually I want the paw insted the red hat for the start button and also the paw while Gnome is loading up. I haave tryed to install applets for Gnome2 and they did not recognize my install as a Gnome2. Others that I have installed are not available in the menu to start them. I could not find jhbuild but I looked at garnome, but I would rather finish installing the way I started, since I hae already installed 13 packages. I reposted below the error message that I get, can you guide me?

Thank you

Thats is somewhat obsured imho. I believe using jhbuild a standard "complete" desktop includes around 50 packages, so starting from scratch with jhbuild really isn't that big of a setback.


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