Re: panel notification area -- not many apps (and suggestions for the panel)

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 20:31, Ben Davis wrote:
> Alan wrote:


> I guess maybe my issue isn't with the notification area, but with the 
> overall management of applets on the panel. Like I said earlier, It's a 
> pain in the butt to have to constantly be moving my launchers and 
> applets around just b/c one thing has changed.. .  Does anyone agree 
> that keeping your applets where you want them is a frusterating task? I 
> mean it seems like every day for some reason my applets/launchers get 
> moved where I don't want them.   Here's what I would like to have done 
> to the panel:  Give the user the option to devide the panel into 
> segments, and give those segments certain properties that tell them how 
> much of the panel they can use, similar to laying out elements in an 
> html table.

I've submitted a bug on the issue
(, I guess more
suggestions or comments should go there.


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