Re: gnome-terminal crashing because of fonts

Stephen Kuhn said, "I initially tried to build Gnome 2.0 - THAT was even
worse. I spent more time in tracking down dependencies and extra packages
that I achieved very little in a lot of time."

Have you considered Gentoo (  It'll handle the
dependency issues for you and installing gnome 2.2 for me was as simple as
typing "emerge gnome" when the gnome 2.2 sources hit the gentoo tree (which
was pretty much right away).

Gentoo requires more up front install time, and it's not for everyone for
that reason, but the final product is a nice system.  It's hitting a
different market segment than RedHat, and I don't recommend it for the
beginner, but if you are comfortable building anything from source, then
gentoo won't be a problem for you.  Just a thought.

Gnome 2.2 rocks and I'd hate to see you give up on it.  :)

-Tom Caudron

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