Re: panel notification area -- not many apps

I'm curious as to why you think they _wouldn't_ be better suited as notification icons.  Why didn't GAIM just make a panel applet? because it's easier to manage it in the notification area. Why is acme there? Why not just  add a launcher to configure acme?  any kind of application that is intended for informing the user of something should be included as a notification icon.  heres a quote from the specification:

"From a UI standpoint, the system tray is normally used for transient icons that indicate some special state, while full-blown "applets" are used for permanent dock/panel features. For example, a system tray icon might appear to tell the user that they have new mail, or have an incoming instant message, or something along those lines."

Why should gweather or the wireless applet be an exception?   They are there solely to notify the user, or inform them.  It would be much easier to manage these as system-tray icons rather than an applet.  In my opinion, the panel is too difficult to manage.  For instance, when I have some launchers and applets on there,  and I decide to remove and applet,  there is a big empty space where that applet used to be.  I have to then move each applet individually so that I don't have any wasted space (so that my window list can use that empty space).  This also happens when I'm moving an applet icon around on the panel -- and as it's moving through other applets it moves those applets permanantly. Then again, one by one, I have to re-arrange my icons.

The taskbar needs more features to allow better management.  If  there's any one else out there that agrees w/ me, I'd like to know that I'm not just crazy  :-)

Ben Davis

Markus Bertheau wrote:
В Пнд, 03.03.2003, в 23:51, Ben Davis пишет:

I would like to be able to put more things in the notification area such 
as the volume control, the gweather applet, a wireless link monitor and 
a battery monitor.. right now these all exist as panel applets, and I 
think they are MUCH better suited as notification area icons. 

Why exactly do you think so?


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