Re: panel notification area -- not many apps (and suggestions for the panel)

Alan wrote:

What should be avoided of course is the syndrom of windows, where every
program has it's own tray icon, and eventually your tray gets to be half
the width of the screen :)

I can definitely agree with that. I guess the true difference between notification icons and panel applets is that the notifaction area provides a common space for an application to communicate with the user. I personally think this is a good idea, but they need to be careful not to make it too wieldy, and it's also up to developers to use good judgement when to use the notification area, and to give users the option to disable it if it is present (as gaim does). The problem with Windows was that not every icon offered a "do not show in system tray" option. The user should have ultimate control over what he sees in the panel.

I guess maybe my issue isn't with the notification area, but with the overall management of applets on the panel. Like I said earlier, It's a pain in the butt to have to constantly be moving my launchers and applets around just b/c one thing has changed.. . Does anyone agree that keeping your applets where you want them is a frusterating task? I mean it seems like every day for some reason my applets/launchers get moved where I don't want them. Here's what I would like to have done to the panel: Give the user the option to devide the panel into segments, and give those segments certain properties that tell them how much of the panel they can use, similar to laying out elements in an html table.

For instance, in my situation I would have a left section where I put my menu and some launchers, a middle section where I put my window-list, and a right section where I put my other applets... I would like to be able to set up the panel so that my middle section would take up any empty space, and the left and right sections would shrink to the smallest possible size (with a user-defined padding, maybe) making it so that there is NO wasted space on the taskbar.. Again, the best thing about this would be that I could customize it any way I want, or maybe not use it at all. I think gnome needs to think about giving its users more customizability options... but that's another story...

-Ben Davis

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