gnome-terminal crashing because of fonts


	I am having a problem where gnome-terminal 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 crash every
time when started because it claims, the Sans font is not found. I have
filed a bug on (#107285) and there are other bugs on
this but the developers claim that this is problem with Xft.
	The bug that I am talking about has the following symptoms: on startup,
gnome terminal displays the following message on the screen:

** (gnome-terminal:22011): WARNING **: Failed to load Xft font pattern
"Sans-8:slant=0:weight=100", falling back to default font.

and then, it prompty crashes and the crash dialog is displayed. The only
lead that gnome developers have given me is that gnome-terminal might be
using Xft1 instead of Xft2. I have Xft2 and it seems to work with all
other Gnome 2.2 applications.

	Has anyone been able to figure this one out?
		-- Mitko

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