HOWTO put icon on panel mandatory

I have a question, that it seems like it's a bit difficult to get an
answer on.. 

Last place I posted it was at the gconf-list:

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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:33:50 +0100
From: Henrik Ormåsen <henrikor odont uio no>
To: gconf-list gnome org
Subject: HOWTO put icon on panel mandatory
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This should bee easy, but still, I can't figure out...

I should make an icon on the panel for all user i Gnome2, RH8, default
install with Bluecurve. Thoth this should be possible with gconf(?).
Have read and

But still...

What I want is just a little icon on the desktop who starts rdesktop
(i.e. just a command).

Hope someone can enlighten me (please!). 

Pt. I have asked some this questing on a general Norwegian Linux group
+ the Unix gurus on my work, but have got no answer, så I presume it's
not just I who are silly (in case it is :-)).

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If anybody has any suggestions (maybe a less good solution) I would
bee very grateful. 

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