window contents while dragging

Hi there,

--> foreword:
when it comes to desktop/window mangers I use CDE, Mwm, WindowMaker or Fvwm on *BSD, Solaris, HP-UX and Linux. But when I try to convert friends from windoze to BSD or Linux ( on their x86 boxes) and install them a usable destop with common apps, like word processor (Abiword, OpenOffice, Gnumeric), image manipulation (Gimp), multimedia stuff (Xmms, Grip, Mplayer, Xmcd, etc), and more, in such a way I can show them that it works better than Win98/2k/XP, I use to get them Gnome.I dislike KDE for political/philosophical/structural reasons out of topic here.

--> my question:
on some low hardware configurations I try to get the more responsive desktop. An important point is the ability to spare the drawing/refresh of windows content while dragging. Win2k can easily be configured for that , as well as KDE, How can I do that in Gnome2 ??? I find no option in the configuration tools or through mailing lists/ web searching. I will be sad to let former win users with KDE instead of Gnome due to performance issues...

(remember: it's about trying to show win lusers the truth religion; they just need things working right now.
for me I am just happy with C, ksh, Motif and Gtk,...:-)...)

thanks for an answer.

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