Re: window contents while dragging

On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 08:07, Antonio Bravo wrote:

> on some low hardware configurations I try to get the more responsive 
> desktop. An important point is the ability to spare the drawing/refresh 
> of windows content while dragging. Win2k can easily be configured for 
> that , as well as KDE,
> How can I do that in Gnome2 ???

I posted that question some time ago for my Toshiba laptop with crappy
graphics, and got the following answer (from Malcolm Tredinnick):

Depends on the window manager. The default GNOME window manager,
metacity, does not have such an option. There is a bugzilla bug about it
somewhere (which contains the metacity maintainer's justifications), the
is a Sun patch for it (since they wanted it anyway), there is mail in
the archives (possibly the archives of this list) about it, too. Search
for "wireframe metacity" and "Calum Benson" to find the latest mail to
the patch.

The alternative is to change your window manager to something like


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