Re: Gnome 2 and E

E 16.6 pre 4 works great with gnome 2. Install the RPM you can download from if you use RedHat. I use E's desktop backgound setting ability. Virtual desktop perfectly supported. I don't know what you mean saying E does not conform to the open WM standard. E is about the only thing that does, except for metacity and sawfish.
I mean to say, E is about the only  pretty WM that does.

Enver ALTIN wrote:
On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 13:03, Jevs wrote:



How to use virtual desktops in E with Gnome 2.x
and how to set out the nautilus background to use the E backgrounds ?

Using Enlightenment 0.16.x with Gnome 2.x is _NOT_ supported, AFAIK,
since E doesn't and will not conform with standards defined by I have no idea if this still applies with the status of


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