Re: Problems with ksh93 and gnome-terminal

Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 08:45, Joe Kelsey wrote:

I start gnome with gdm and allow the master gdm process to source all of my .profile/.kshrc/etc scripts. My gnome-terminal normally runs with three open windows.

I find that when I exit gnome, gnome-terminal exits but none of the ksh93 processes exit. They instead get inheirited by init. This means that after several days, I have *lots* of ksh processes hanging around doing nothing.

I do not want to use the login shell option to gnome-terminal as that involves a lot of unnecessary overhead. I think I need gnome-terminal to send HUP to all subshells when it exits. The ksh processes all start up in their own process group, so they do not automatically receive any signals from gnome-terminal.

How is the gnome-terminal meant to know which shells to send the signal
to? You cannot send a signal to every shell process that is running,
since that might kill shells that are not being run under the
control(sic) of gnome-terminal. There may be a solution to this, but I
cannot immediately see how you are intending to kill off shells without
causing collateral damage.

Why does logging out of gnome leave the ksh93 processes still running with ppid init? During normal operation, the ksh93 processes have ppid of gnome-terminal, with pgid of themselves.

When I hit the big X on the upper right of my window (the only way I know of to simulate termination of gnome-terminal at logout), all of the shells die. When I press the logout button on the Panel, gnome-terminal dies but the shells linger on. Please explain this behavior in a way that makes sense.


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