Re: Need Distro Recommendation

%% dsr tao merseine nu writes:

  >> > Upgrading never works the way you want. Just backup your stuff, and
  >> > start fresh. Really. NO joke.

  >> I *never* upgrade from one version of a distro to another, let
  >> alone from one distro to a different one. I always back up my
  >> existing /home partition to a re-writeable CD and then do a clean
  >> install. It's by far the safest way, in my opinion.

  d> I would never try an upgrade from one distribution to another.

  d> However, I have found Debian to be extremely happy when upgrading from
  d> one stable release to the next.

Yep, DSR has it right.

When I used Red Hat I was never able to go from one RH release to
another through upgrade, there were too many problems; I always ended up

I installed Debian 2.0 on this system and I've _NEVER_ reinstalled; I've
upgraded it all the way to 3.0 and now into the "testing" version in
place, and my system still feels clean and solid to me.

Just my experiences.

Anyway, this is pretty OT for this list I should think...

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