Re: Need Distro Recommendation

On Thursday 16 January 2003 12:17, Paul D. Smith wrote:
> %% dsr tao merseine nu writes:
>   >> > Upgrading never works the way you want. Just backup your stuff, and
>   >> > start fresh. Really. NO joke.
>   >>
>   >> I *never* upgrade from one version of a distro to another, let
>   >> alone from one distro to a different one. I always back up my
>   >> existing /home partition to a re-writeable CD and then do a clean
>   >> install. It's by far the safest way, in my opinion.
>   d> I would never try an upgrade from one distribution to another.
>   d> However, I have found Debian to be extremely happy when upgrading from
>   d> one stable release to the next.
> Yep, DSR has it right.
> When I used Red Hat I was never able to go from one RH release to
> another through upgrade, there were too many problems; I always ended up
> reinstalling.
> I installed Debian 2.0 on this system and I've _NEVER_ reinstalled; I've
> upgraded it all the way to 3.0 and now into the "testing" version in
> place, and my system still feels clean and solid to me.
> Just my experiences.
> Anyway, this is pretty OT for this list I should think...

Well, marginally OT I guess.   But thanks to *everybody* who answered for all 
the responses.


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