Re: Need Distro Recommendation

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 09:50:22AM +0000, Keith Powell wrote:
> On Thursday 16 Jan 2003 6:21 am, Stephen Kuhn wrote:
> > > Just as a matter of interest, if one replaces (say) a Red Hat distro of
> > > Linux, with a Debian one, what happens to all ones files on the drives?  
> > > And particularly stuff like browser settings, Kmail folders and so on.  
> > > Are they retained the same way as they are when upgrading from one RedHat
> > > version to a later one?
> > >
> > > cr
> >
> > Upgrading never works the way you want. Just backup your stuff, and
> > start fresh. Really. NO joke.
> Stephen is correct. 
> I *never* upgrade from one version of a distro to another, let alone from one 
> distro to a different one. I always back up my existing /home partition to a 
> re-writeable CD and then do a clean install. It's by far the safest way, in 
> my opinion.
> So I can't answer your question, sorry.

I would never try an upgrade from one distribution to another.

However, I have found Debian to be extremely happy when upgrading from
one stable release to the next.


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