Re: reboot/shutdown/logout options MIA on Debian?

>> Debian doesn't have this, it's a redhatism.  RH uses 'consolehelper',
>> which  allows controlling user access to shutdown/logout through PAM,
>> and the gnome  logout accesses that for creating the
>> reboot/shutdown/logout options. (I'm  not sure if it's part of gnome,
>> or if redhat added those options.)  GDM will  reboot or shutdown; use
>> gdmconfigurator as root to enable the system menu.
> Mandrake and SuSE have it as well.

Ah-hah!  It's -also- included in Debian.  And here I was looking at Gnome
console stuff, and never thinking of GDM.  While I don't -think- gdmconfig
is quite what I wanted, it's damn close -- at least now my user can
gracefully shut down without having to go to virtual consoles, use "sudo",

Much appreciated,


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