Re: Need Distro Recommendation

I'd recommend Gentoo ( Although the installation can take
a long time (you compile your whole system from scratch
gcc,glibc,xfree86,etc.), you get the benefit of having a highly optimized
system plus the ease of upgrading software through it's portage package
management system. I haven't used Debian, but i'm told that Gentoo's
portage is like Debian's apt-get system except that it downloads the
source code and compiles it for you and then installs it (keeping track of
all the files that were installed). So you get the benefits of installing
from source (i.e. optimizations for your CPU, setting up optional
enhancements for certain packages like PHP) and a package management
system which keeps track of installed files. The only thing is there's no
hardware detection stuff yet (that I'm aware of). I had to configure it to
load all the modules I needed for my hardware manually. I just installed
it on my laptop and so far so good.
> 2.  Has a current (>2.0) version and stock install of Gnome.  This is
> the main reason that I want to try something different - I want a stock
> install of Gnome that hasn't been jacked with in some way.

It does have the Gnome 2.0 series available for install and it doesn't
mess with it like Redhat does.
ryan vbnet net

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