Re: reboot/shutdown/logout options MIA on Debian?

Rich Rudnick wrote:
On Thursday 16 January 2003 06:20 am, kend xanoptix com wrote:

While I -do- appreciate the advice, at least for Gnome 1.x, it qualifies
as "close, but not quite."  I -do- get prompted at logout: "Really log
out?", with a "save current settings" checkbox.  I do not get, however,
the "reboot/shutdown/logout" options.  I'm assuming it's somehow keyed to
the user logged in at the console -- after all, they can always hit
<ctl><alt><f1>,<ctl><alt><del>, and reboot the machine (unless it's been
disabled), so it's not really that big of a security concern for the
console user.  But I just can't quite figure out where that is...

Debian doesn't have this, it's a redhatism. RH uses 'consolehelper', which allows controlling user access to shutdown/logout through PAM, and the gnome logout accesses that for creating the reboot/shutdown/logout options. (I'm not sure if it's part of gnome, or if redhat added those options.) GDM will reboot or shutdown; use gdmconfigurator as root to enable the system menu.

Mandrake and SuSE have it as well.

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