Re: Global desktop directory?

> Corporate suits want uniformity, every one to have the same background,
> etc...  There is no arguing with them, and they do have some valid
> points.  With only ~200 users I've seen porno backgrounds &
> screensavers, offensive language, racist images and comments, and all
> such things that need to be kept out of the office environment.  The
> simplest way is to make it so they can't change the background, etc... 
> which is easy with M$ products and more or less impossible with GNOME.

Corporate suits also would probably prefer if workers could not tack
their kid's artwork up in their cubicles, hang a rubber clown mask off
the edge of the desk and bring in their lucky golf ball. These are silly
frivolous things, but they also make an otherwise sterile environment
human and semi-livable. With self expression comes some bad things, its
true. Corporations want "productivity", so some things like limiting
preferences where they aren't useful can be more efficient. On the other
hand, there's a line you can cross...


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