Re: Gnome2 and evolution

Based on hearsay only, I believe ximian will be releasing version 1.2 of
evolution which will still be based on gnome 1.4. Version 2 will
hopefully follow soon and will be based on the gnome2 platform.

Can't comment on the svg icon issue, but my guess is that they are sort
of a special feature right now, since to my best knowledge no really
good open source tools exist to create them with though i do believe
there are some projects in development to fill this void.


On Sun, 2002-05-26 at 21:37, Craig Williamson (ENZ) wrote:
> Hi All,
>         This is only a quick question.  Will Ximian be releasing
> Evolution 1.2/2.0 with the release of Gnome 2.0.  Also, I was
> interested with Ximians icon design document
> (, 
> is there any plans to update it with SVG support.  Can anyone help. 
> Cheers.
> Craig

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