Re: Stability survey

On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 13:56, Mark Styles wrote:

> The Gnome apps I use are Galeon, Pan, Gnucash, the Gimp and very occasionally 
> Gnumeric. The current incarnations of Pan and Galeon have been running on my 
> desktop for at least three weeks. I think I've had one Galeon crash and two 
> Pan crashes ever. GnuCash and Gnumeric have never crashed on me. I can't 
> recall a full-blown Gimp crash, but I've had errors from it.

I use Pan, and  while it seldom crashes I do often have to exit and
re-start to get it responding, more so if it has a few (say >5) tasks

GFTP is an app I have tried to use but it's so crash prone that I pop
open a terminal and use ncftp

  R  Brown-Bayliss

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