Re: Stability survey

On May 15, 2002 16:51, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> HI, is any one actually using OpenOffice or Gnome for real work? (as in
> non geek work).

Define 'non geek' :)

> But the problem I have is that I use Gnome, swear by it, but almost with
> out fail if showing someone how it works some thing craps out, The Gimp
> will crash when cutting, OO when spell checking or saving, Some Nautilus
> side bar will not load and give an error message etc.

The Gnome apps I use are Galeon, Pan, Gnucash, the Gimp and very occasionally 
Gnumeric. The current incarnations of Pan and Galeon have been running on my 
desktop for at least three weeks. I think I've had one Galeon crash and two 
Pan crashes ever. GnuCash and Gnumeric have never crashed on me. I can't 
recall a full-blown Gimp crash, but I've had errors from it.

I don't use OO, don't even have it installed. I rarely need to write 
documents, and when I do I either use a text editor or LyX.

> How are the rest of you finding things.  Evolution, Gnucash and Gnumeric
> (i dont use gnumeric often) are the only apps I feel certain wont bomb
> on me...

I don't use Nautilus or Evolution. Evolution is way too Outlook-like, and 
Nautilus is too slow.

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