Re: Stability survey

Il mer, 2002-05-15 alle 22:51, Rob Brown-Bayliss ha scritto:
> HI, is any one actually using OpenOffice or Gnome for real work? (as in
> non geek work).
> I have had a release of OO on my PC for a few weeks (and have used Gnome
> since the redhat 5.2 days), the last one before OO 1.0 came out and have
> tried to use it a couple of times, but found that it's quite likely to
> crap out...

  I'm using OO 1.0 on PPC for a week now to do some presentations and
I've been impressed by its improved stability and speed. There are still
some compatibility problems with MS Office documents (especially Word
docs with MS Draw graphics) but I'm really happy with it.
  The previous versions were simply unusable because of its slowness,

  The only gripe I have with OO 1.0 is that it isn't well integrated
with GNOME 2 (I had to manually set file/program associations) ;o)


  -- Michele -

Recently I've read the Bible. Nice, but the protagonist isn't much
        -- Woody Allen

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