Re: Stability survey

Rob Brown-Bayliss writes:
HI, is any one actually using OpenOffice or Gnome for real work? (as in
non geek work).

Uhh... does "school work" count? I try to use AbiWord whenever possible, but sometimes OO or StarOffice is required.
I have had a release of OO on my PC for a few weeks (and have used Gnome
since the redhat 5.2 days), the last one before OO 1.0 came out and have
tried to use it a couple of times, but found that it's quite likely to
crap out...

I had this problem with StarOffice. I went and got OpenOffice (very similar, but hopefully without the bugs) and the bloody thing won't even allow me to execute it.
It's been about 2 years since I last use MS Office and windows so I cant
really be certain that OO is less stable, (though it's been 2 years
since I logged on to my PC and had it reboot which my old work WinPC did
at least once a week...)

I've found Office to be extremely unstable, but still better than StarOffice.
But the problem I have is that I use Gnome, swear by it, but almost with
out fail if showing someone how it works some thing craps out, The Gimp
will crash when cutting, OO when spell checking or saving, Some Nautilus
side bar will not load and give an error message etc.

Gimp will crash while *cutting*? That's never happened to me.
When I think about it, none of the apps I use are as stable as the non
gnome side of the system - apache, squid, postgres and linux it's self
are all very stable, but the desktop isn't

I find Gnome to be more stable (not to mention prettier, easier to use, more customisable, and faster to load) than KDE, and I rarely have problems with it. Many Gnome-based apps (and, of course, KDE apps I try to run on Gnome), on the other hand... <snip />
How are the rest of you finding things.  Evolution, Gnucash and Gnumeric
(i dont use gnumeric often) are the only apps I feel certain wont bomb
on me...

I don't use Gnucash, and I haven't yet found a use for Gnumeric (but I will... oh, yes), but I used to use Evolution all the time, until I got absolutely sick and tired of the constant crashing. I couldn't run Evolution for a *single* session without it crashing somewhere along the line! :o)

Mark Gallagher

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