Re: Stability survey

On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 13:48, Mark Gallagher wrote:
> Gimp will crash while *cutting*?  That's never happened to me. 

As an example yes, I find that if I open gimp. have 4-6 windows open and
editing, run a few srcipt-fus then it will seldom run for more than
30-40 mins before just vanishing, not even a crash dialog.

> I find Gnome to be more stable (not to mention prettier, easier to use, more 
> customisable, and faster to load) than KDE, and I rarely have problems with 
> it. 

I have never really looked at KDE so can't comment.

> Evolution for a *single* session without it crashing somewhere along the 

You should try the new snapshots, I had some stabilty probs befor evo 1
was out but it's great, easily the most stable app I use every day, in
fact I cant even guess at how many months it's been since Evo crashed.


  R  Brown-Bayliss

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