Re: Gnome2: Why UI change? ( or why a Gnome user since 1.0 is con templating leaving)

On 26 Feb 2002 16:31:56 -0800, you wrote:

>Frankly, this is just bizarre if I am following this discussion
>correctly. The single image on that first page has the buttons in an

You are following it correct.  Starting with Gnome2 the Gnome people
have decided to reverse the order of the buttons.  

This means any compliant Gnome2 apps, as well as Gnome2 itself, will
be different than any Motif or KDE apps, different than any Java or
.Net/mono apps.

People are going to end up choosing KDE over Gnome just to get a
consistent UI.

>order that very few people will expect. Did the HIG actually expose any
>non-hacker-type people to this new order and get positive feedback?
>BTW all the command buttons on the last page you list - the
>page - are in the "normal" order. That is, they are organized in just
>the opposite of what Gnome2 is apparently going to use.

Ironically Sun is apparently moving to using Gnome2, yet Gnome2 is the
exact opposite of Sun's guidelines for Java.  That should really make
life interesting on Solaris.

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