Re: Gnome2: Why UI change? ( or why a Gnome user since 1.0 is con templating leaving)

> The debate over this raged on for a while and you can find it in
> the archives of various lists at .
> > References:
> > Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (near bottom, alert buttons):
> >
> I suggest tracking the CVS HIG instead.
> > Sun (Java Swing), look at order of command button row in picture:
> >

Frankly, this is just bizarre if I am following this discussion
correctly. The single image on that first page has the buttons in an
order that very few people will expect. Did the HIG actually expose any
non-hacker-type people to this new order and get positive feedback?

BTW all the command buttons on the last page you list - the
page - are in the "normal" order. That is, they are organized in just
the opposite of what Gnome2 is apparently going to use.

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