Re: GNOME Window Manager

juergen salk gmx de (2001-05-30 at 2013.07 +0200):
> A couple of years ago, Enlightenment was - let's say - favoured 
> as the most GNOME compliant WM. So E was widely shipped with GNOME 
> and became something like the default WM for GNOME for a while. 
> More recently Sawfish is becoming the unofficial official WM for GNOME, 
> to the point that Helix/Ximian bundles it with its GNOME distribution. 

The default configs still show problems. For me it is not about if
user can or not access config tools, or change or not the config by
hand or anything in that line, but if they are forced to.

They should not, but also forbiding is not good either. Just cos some
people do not want to mess with the engine, does not mean you have to
lock it and disallow everyone poking. And if the configs are fine,
then those that poke are responsable of what they do.

> IIRC, the rationale behind this decision was that E came along with 
> too much functionality overlapping and interfering with GNOME.

Sorry, but I think there was more than that, and the overlapping is
not superflous, look at the current plans.


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