RE: libdb problems on solaris2.6

Do the instructions on help?

If not, plese let me know (mail may be down, try plb clanger9 demon co uk)
and I'll try to help.


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i'm trying to compile the latest sources on a solaris2.6 machine and i
keep getting this libdb comatibility error.
i searched through this lists archive and found numerous solutions.
tried them all. got the latest db from, compiled it with
185 compatibility and shared lib mode.

tried hacking the configure script to change dbopen to db_open etc.

nothing works.

i've tried for 2 days now. if someone has any pointers, please let me
i'm read to give up on gnome. GNOME looked like a nice thing to use, but
i guess it the developers dont make it easy for us to compile, we are
never going to be able to use it and it'll never become mainstream.


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