Re: GNOME Window Manager

* Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero <famrom infernal-iceberg com> [010530 18:28]:
> juergen salk gmx de (2001-05-30 at 0938.00 +0200):
> > Just to give you a trivial example: At least in sawfish-0.38 the default 
> > modifier key for the windowmanager shortcuts seems to be <Cntr>.
> > Obviously not a good choice, as this interferes with a lot of standard
> > applications, such as xterm, gnome-terminal, ...  
> So the problem are defaults or the apps per se? 

A couple of years ago, Enlightenment was - let's say - favoured 
as the most GNOME compliant WM. So E was widely shipped with GNOME 
and became something like the default WM for GNOME for a while. 
More recently Sawfish is becoming the unofficial official WM for GNOME, 
to the point that Helix/Ximian bundles it with its GNOME distribution. 
IIRC, the rationale behind this decision was that E came along with 
too much functionality overlapping and interfering with GNOME.

So, one cannot completely dismiss the objections of the orinal poster.

Best regards - Juergen.

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