Re: GNOME Window Manager

juergen salk gmx de (2001-05-30 at 0938.00 +0200):
> Just to give you a trivial example: At least in sawfish-0.38 the default 
> modifier key for the windowmanager shortcuts seems to be <Cntr>.
> Obviously not a good choice, as this interferes with a lot of standard
> applications, such as xterm, gnome-terminal, ...  

So the problem are defaults or the apps per se? I guess we could make
a Windows like (or whatever you want) default config. IMHO some of the
complains are just cos the defaults are not the ones expected and
instead of changing them, they just think it the app has a problem.

Another nice SF "problem": the task switcher window. It just shows a
small text with white bg. Add a module, and you can get configurable
colours, font faces and other details, choosing list mode or icon
mode. Make the default config match the GTK+ and you are done. And all
those are tasks of the packagers, cos the app can do it.


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