Re: (ximian) Gnome 1.4 - Lurkers feedback

On 01 May 2001 15:50:17 +1200, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:

> Perhapse, but nautilus is a dog even when not viewing web pages.  I have
> a PII300 with 96meg of ram, and nautilus takes (just took, I timed it)
> 47 seconds to open. 40 secondss before it even displyed a window.  If I
> dint not know better I would have thought I had miss-cliked teh icon!

Bizarre.  I have a PII266 with 64MB of RAM and I don't have to wait
anywhere near this long. Nautilus takes about 5 seconds to display a
window for the first time, and maybe 8-10 seconds to load.

> Also, memusage, before I installed Evolution and mozilla I never used to
> consume swap mem, but with evo open, and two mozilla windows and about 2
> 3rds (of 256meg swap) is used as well.  MAkes everything run like more
> of a dog!

I experience minimal usage of swap when launching Gnome 1.4 (with
Nautilus).  It does tend to grow a little (I have 128MB of swap, and it
might use 10%) when launching Mozilla.  Evolution (which I'm using right
now), has no effect on swap at all.

> Is GNOME targeted at normal users, or is it moving towards the elite,
> only those with 512 meg of ram on a dual 1ghz machine?

Sounds like you have some other issues going on.  Is the hardware in
your machine properly supported by Linux?

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