Re: (ximian) Gnome 1.4 - Lurkers feedback

> > Is GNOME targeted at normal users, or is it moving towards the elite,
> > only those with 512 meg of ram on a dual 1ghz machine?
> Sounds like you have some other issues going on.  Is the hardware in
> your machine properly supported by Linux?

Yeah, I have been running linux on this exact machine since the last
days of redhat 5.2, then 6, 6.1 and now 7.

It's only stated to behave like a dog since the bonobo stuff started to

Confesion:  I am useing nautilus 1 and gnome 1.2, I have a rh7.1 cd on
the way from cheapbytes and am planiing a total reinstall, mainly to
alter som partioin info, and intend to get 1.4 after that...  due any
day now.

But.  Last year, when helix released their first version of gnome it was
a rocket.  it has gotten slower each major release...


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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