Re: (ximian) Gnome 1.4 - Lurkers feedback

On 01 May 2001 20:30:28 +1200
Renze de Ruiter <renze ihug co nz> banged a keyboard:

no i have a pii400 @ 412Mhz with 128m of ram and 85 meg of swap and its
runs like a dog as well.

> Bizarre.  I have a PII266 with 64MB of RAM and I don't have to wait
> anywhere near this long. Nautilus takes about 5 seconds to display a
> window for the first time, and maybe 8-10 seconds to load.

> Sounds like you have some other issues going on.  Is the hardware in
> your machine properly supported by Linux?
> -- 
 No my hardware is supported too but I'll have to buy a new hdd at this
rate if I use nautilus.
In a word, its crapola.

cheers peter van der male

mobtek mobtekl

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