Re: Nautlis Warnings

tardis mediaone net (2001-06-25 at 2136.01 -0400):
> I am running Red Hat 7.1 and installed the Ximian desktop including
> Nautilus. 
> However whenever logging in as root there pops up several warning
> messages about running Nautilus as root and it won't stop me from doing
> something I should not.

Do not run as root. Yes, you can say you know what is going on, etc. I
will wait until something goes wrong, sooner or later it will.

> I've only played briefly with Nautilus once before and there was only
> one warning message. Anyone have any ideas as to a possible cause?
> I did notice when doing a "ps" there are several instances of a
> Nautilus process running, is this normal?

That processes, IIRC, are threads. Do they have the same size? If yes,
they are the threads of the same process. If not, you have multiple
Nautilus running, and I dunno if that is normal (I do not use it). But
also IIRC it should only report that you are running as root once per
session (or maybe that was GMC?).

If different processes, try Control center / Session / Startup
programs / Browse current, and remove all Nautilus except one. To do
that, make sure the style is Normal then hit Remove.

BTW, do not run as root, and when you find a task that needs root
privileges, report it so a solution is implemented for that (or docs
improved or whatever, but not the "run all as root" solution).


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