Re: Nautlis Warnings

I know about running about root, and when to and not to use it.
I've tried various things as you suggest but nothing seems to provide
any clues.
I can't recall the process sizes at the moment, but if I did kill one,
Nautilus alsways died and restarted, again warning me several times
that I was running as root.


On Tue, 26 Jun 2001 04:02:04 +0200, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia
Romero wrote:

>tardis mediaone net (2001-06-25 at 2136.01 -0400):
>> I am running Red Hat 7.1 and installed the Ximian desktop including
>> Nautilus. 
>> However whenever logging in as root there pops up several warning
>> messages about running Nautilus as root and it won't stop me from doing
>> something I should not.
>Do not run as root. Yes, you can say you know what is going on, etc. I
>will wait until something goes wrong, sooner or later it will.
>> I've only played briefly with Nautilus once before and there was only
>> one warning message. Anyone have any ideas as to a possible cause?
>> I did notice when doing a "ps" there are several instances of a
>> Nautilus process running, is this normal?
>That processes, IIRC, are threads. Do they have the same size? If yes,
>they are the threads of the same process. If not, you have multiple
>Nautilus running, and I dunno if that is normal (I do not use it). But
>also IIRC it should only report that you are running as root once per
>session (or maybe that was GMC?).
>If different processes, try Control center / Session / Startup
>programs / Browse current, and remove all Nautilus except one. To do
>that, make sure the style is Normal then hit Remove.
>BTW, do not run as root, and when you find a task that needs root
>privileges, report it so a solution is implemented for that (or docs
>improved or whatever, but not the "run all as root" solution).
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