Pilot Connection

I am running Red Hat 7.1 with the full Ximian desktop. However I am
unable to get the Pilot connection to work.
On the initial pilot setup it does connect to get my name and
information and does so correctly.
However when I try to do a sync it will eventuall time out with the
Pilot stating that the connection was lost.
I noticed when trying to add the Pilot Sync applet to the control panel
it is incorrect. It just adds an unknown icon to the panel.
When I looked at the properties of the Pilot Sync Applet it shows the
command as "pilot_applet" and a bit more.
However when looking at the command on the system it is actually a
"pilot-applet" instead.
I changed it and it does not make a difference. 
I tried typing "pilot-applet" at a prompt and it starts the status
window, but a connection still cannot be made.
Anyone seen anything like this, and if so know a cure?


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