Re: Ximian Source

kalmite cubenet plus com (2001-07-04 at 2327.22 +0100):
> So, if each distro directory has a seperate source directory does
this mean that each of the source files (rpm, dsc, deb, etc) is
designed to be compiled on that system.  To rephrase, could I take the
src.rpm from Redhat 6.x or 7.x or even from SuSe and compile them as
if they were the tarballs (tar.gz or the slack version .tgz... distro
neutral)?  If they are all the same (distro neutral) then why not have
them in a seperate directory (ie,

The concept of RPMs and DEBs is that the source packages are the
original tarballs plus the extras (patches and so on), maybe joined in
some different format so people do not have to get them separate, but
in any case you can see the patches. Try Debian dir, IIRC tarball
should be separated from extras, there is no glue operation like in


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