Re: Ximian Source

> > * gnome-core: ximian menus. Would have been ok if they contained
> > Red Carpet and Ximian Faq, but they got about half of the applications
> > which were in programs menu. Don't know why they did this...
> This was designed to simplify the menu layout so it would be easier to
> use. You can configure in the control center whether you want to see the
> Ximian menu or the old one (or both).
yes, I removed ximian menu, but then half of the  applicantions in the
menu were gone (they were listed only in ximian menu, not in normal
program menu.) Red Hat doesn't have Mozilla in Red Hat Menu, that's on 
the Internet menu (in programs) where it should.

> > Better use plain gnome, if you want rpms get them from rawhide.
> I would disagree. Ximian GNOME has a lot of enhancements. Let the users
> decide.
right. Interesting about the menu label...

Marius Andreiana

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