Re: gnome-terminal dimensions

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 09:44:36AM -0300, cdvr pobox com wrote:
> [Apologies to Malcolm - I meant this to go to the list, not just to him]
> malcolm commsecure com au said:
> > (2) The positioning part of the --geometry flag is broken in a well
> > understood fashion: the geometry parsing code in libgnome treats
> > everything as though it applies to the top left hand corner. This
> > means that specifying something like 80x45-0-0 will place the
> > terminal's top-left corner at the bottom-right of your screen. The
> > correct X behaviour is to place the bottom right corner of the
> > terminal there, so the g-t behaviour is a little flawed. Further,
> > things like 80x45--10+0 do not work (it should place the right hand
> > edge 10 pixels off the righthand side of the screen), for the same
> > reason.
> I don't think I've ever got the position part to work. I tried again 
> now, with twm as well as sawfish, gnome-terminal --geometry 80x44+0+0. 
> The size is correct, the position is ignored. This is with 
> gnome-terminal from gnome-core-
> If I'm doing something stupid, maybe somebody could point it out and 
> I'll go and stand in the corner. 

Oops! I forgot to mention the super-secret trick that window managers
play on you. :-)

I'll bet you have the "Method of placing windows" setting under the
"Placement" menu set to something other than "None". In that case,
sawfish takes over the window placement and will ignore the geometry
placement to a certain extent.

Doing something like --geometry=80x25+0-100 will still get a window
placed half of the screen, though. I think this is because the terminal
initally asks to be placed in a stupid position and the window manager
realises there is a lot of space for it there and so it fits easily.

I don't know if this is a bug or a feature of sawfish (I suspect the
latter, since you said it happens with twm as well), but I find it to be
a pain.  :-)


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