Re: gnome-terminal dimensions

[Apologies to Malcolm - I meant this to go to the list, not just to him]

malcolm commsecure com au said:
> (2) The positioning part of the --geometry flag is broken in a well
> understood fashion: the geometry parsing code in libgnome treats
> everything as though it applies to the top left hand corner. This
> means that specifying something like 80x45-0-0 will place the
> terminal's top-left corner at the bottom-right of your screen. The
> correct X behaviour is to place the bottom right corner of the
> terminal there, so the g-t behaviour is a little flawed. Further,
> things like 80x45--10+0 do not work (it should place the right hand
> edge 10 pixels off the righthand side of the screen), for the same
> reason.

I don't think I've ever got the position part to work. I tried again 
now, with twm as well as sawfish, gnome-terminal --geometry 80x44+0+0. 
The size is correct, the position is ignored. This is with 
gnome-terminal from gnome-core-

If I'm doing something stupid, maybe somebody could point it out and 
I'll go and stand in the corner. 



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