Re: gnome-terminal dimensions

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Wandered Inn wrote:

> cdvr pobox com wrote:
> > I don't think I've ever got the position part to work. I tried again
> > now, with twm as well as sawfish, gnome-terminal --geometry 80x44+0+0.
> > The size is correct, the position is ignored. This is with
> > gnome-terminal from gnome-core-
> > 
> > If I'm doing something stupid, maybe somebody could point it out and
> > I'll go and stand in the corner.
> Hmmm, works fine for me. (gnome-core- and enlightenment
> wm).  One note regarding the default location/size, I've not followed
> this thread very carefully, so if someone has suggested this already,
> I'll go stand in the corner with Chris.  Anyway, it's a hack, but you
> could put a shell script in your path ahead of the actual gnome-terminal
> that is called gnone-terminal which consists of:
> /usr/bin/gnome-terminal --geometry 80x44+0+0

This isn't work for me.
Probably because I'm using as WM afterstep (1.8.9).
Anyone know is it only AS specyfic behavior or not ?
Also I observe another AS specyfic bug. If I choose as WM afterstep during
initialize gnome session window manager isn't runed.
Anyone know something about some cure for this for afterstep ?

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