Re: Problem starting gnumeric


How is your gnome-print installed? From distro?
Have you installed ghostscript-fonts package? If you have
not, do that, and reinstall gnome-print, as otherwise it
cannot find standard PostScript fonts (Helvetica, Times),
and gnumeric complains with reason.
Otherwise, can you check, whether
/usr/share/fonts/fontmap exists, and if yes, take a look
into it. It's format should be readable - try to find
font entry for Helvetica, and check whether both files
"glyphs" and "metrics" referred by it exist.

best wishes,
Lauris Kaplinski

On 26 Jul 2001 13:31:06 +0200, Jon Ingason wrote:
> I am running Linux RedHat 7.0 with Gnome. The window manager is
> sawfish 0.30.3-10 and gdm 2.0beta2-37. The kernel is 2.2.16-22
> and the architecture is i686. When I run gnumeric (0.54-4) I get
> the message you find in attached file.
> The message is telling me to verify my gnome-print installation
> and checking if the fontmap file is empty or not, stating that
> it is typically in /usr/local/share/fonts/fontmap directory.
> The value of LC_ALL="" and LANG="en_US".
> Some one who can help?
> Regards
> Jon Ingason

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