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On 15 Jul 2001 13:44:01 +0200
Ole Laursen <olau hardworking dk> wrote:

> > As for Xiamin Gnome, I don't want to go into that, so don't bring it
> > up.
> I think the problem is that most people just download Ximian's
> distribution. So instructions for building the source code tend to
> become unmaintained -

I tend to agree with you there.  

> if you want to give a hand with that, I'm sure
> some people will appreciate it (I don't know who to contact though, I
> also simply download Ximian's distribution).

Time is not something I have a lot of, but I could write up a html file (or text) that has the correct order to install the components and links to download them.  I think one of the biggest problems is the developers of the individual components do not provide the urls to download the required libraries (bonobo comes to mind and a few others).  In my opinion anything that is related to Xiamin was never designed to easily download the source and compile it.

(I'm in a better mood now so I will go into it)

There are no tarballs availabe on the Xiamin ftp server... all the source is in packaged with the distro's packaging tool.  [see my messages earlier this month] Appearantly any of those source packages could be built on any machine running any distro, but I don't like it.... if they can be built on any system, then why aren't they tarballs.  This is my biggest problem with Xiamin.  I don't want to waste the small amount of bandwidth I have (33.6 modem) on downloading something I might not be able to build.

> I think someone started a project to build vanilla Gnome (non-Ximian)
> packages, maybe they can help.

That's cool, but I could download the binaries from my distro's ftp server, but I don't do binaries, which I am sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.  I enjoy compiling the code on my own system... there is a certain greater repect/love for the softare if I built it myself... also I like it optimized for my system.

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