Re: This sucks

kalmite cubenet plus com (2001-07-15 at 2339.51 +0100):
> There are no tarballs availabe on the Xiamin ftp server... all the
source is in packaged with the distro's packaging tool.  [see my
messages earlier this month] Appearantly any of those source packages
could be built on any machine running any distro, but I don't like
it.... if they can be built on any system, then why aren't they
tarballs.  This is my biggest problem with Xiamin.  I don't want to
waste the small amount of bandwidth I have (33.6 modem) on downloading
something I might not be able to build.

Try getting one, only one and non important package, then disassemble
it (extract the tgz) and see if it builds or not in you machine. If
you get RPMs, you will only get some extra headers, not much more.
Also, you can get Debian tgz, from Ximian or official Debian, I have
done sometimes to get software I wanted or to check source. I think I
did not explained right the thing about Debian, by definition, source
packages in Debian are not like RPM (.srpm.rpm), but a tgz and some
extra files that convert the plain tgz in a Debian friendly package.


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